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International Women’s Forum Logo's

International Women’s Forum Logo's

Bnym produces two ranges of artwork: Bnym and Bindi Bindi.


The Bnym range includes coolamons (an Indigenous shallow vessel, traditionally made from large sections of curved bark cut from the trunks of trees), medium-to-large vases, platters, plates, urns, oil burners, and teapot sets.

These pieces are larger than the Bindi Bindi range, and are all one-off designs. These pottery pieces are able to be made by commission, produced by Bnym’s finest artists. Each commissioned artwork will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a description card. This will certify that the artwork is the original work created by the artist.

Bindi Bindi

The Bindi Bindi range consists mainly of small pottery ornaments. This range is very popular with the tourist market due to the pieces being small and relatively robust, while the beauty and intricacy of the artwork appeals as gifts and small display pieces.

The range includes small bowls, small coolamons, trinket boxes, vases, and mugs.