Aboriginal Artist Sam Walker Wilson

Sam Walker Wilson

I am a founding member of Bnym and have been making and painting pots for over 25 years. My totem is a long necked turtle; that’s how I connect to country, and I often paint them on my pieces. When I’m not working on the Bnym range, I teach an introduction to small business class, ceramic design skills and pottery classes. When I get the time, I love hand-building big sculptural pieces in contemporary and indigenous designs.  They are my labours of love and can take 100s of hours to make. It’s hard to let them go but I do sell those pieces.

Aboriginal Artist Joel Haddock

Joel Haddock

I have been making and painting pots at Bnym since I was very young and I started there full time in 2019. I prefer painting dots but occasionally I use lines or animals, mostly fish, to tell our clan stories.  Because of my clan connections, I can paint in these different styles.

aboriginal artists in training

Artists in training

Sam is training four indigenous pot makers and artists who are learning how to make and clean pots before they move onto design and painting skills.